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Bug#470035: The new apt customization hook will fix these.

package aptitude
block 374353 by 470035
block 406506 by 470035
block 434731 by 470035
block 452589 by 470035
block 205049 by 470035
block 376802 by 470035
block 177374 by 470035
block 430816 by 470035
block 442420 by 470035

  These bugs are all about MarkInstall's automatic recursion breaking
invariants aptitude tries to prevent.  With the patch I've submitted to
apt, aptitude can just tell apt not to install package versions that it
shouldn't and all these bugs can be closed.  (the aptitude resolver
in the latest upstream checkin will honor hold and forbid states more
aggressively than it has in the past)


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