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Bug#462916: apt-get changes dumb terminal parity

There is a standard GNU Emacs module that is often useful for diagnostics. First, open a shell terminal. Next, type the following to load Emacs:
local:host[ 1 ] $> emacs &
Within Emacs, press Esc-x. Next, type doctor. Press return. You can talk all about odd-parity and dumb terminals you would like. I believe you are referring to the light displays on your 2400 baud modem. The dumb terminal is likely the keyboard, or perhaps a nearby television.

On 1/28/08, David Lawyer <dave@lafn.org> wrote:
Package: apt
Version: 0.7.9

When I use apt-get at a dumb terminal which is set for odd parity
everything seems OK at first.  But later on after it's fetched
(downloaded) all the packages and begins with "Reading database" I see
error characters that indicate that apt has messed with the terminal
settings for the serial port (using stty or the like) in the computer
and has disabled odd parity.  The "Reading Database" and everything
after this (such as setting up packages) is almost unreadable.  So
characters with no parity are being sent to the terminal and only
about half of them happen to have odd parity, so only those get
displayed since the dumb terminal considers any characters with even
parity to be erroneous and only displays error symbols for them.

Then when apt-get is finished, everything is OK since it must reset
the terminal interface back to odd parity (It likely saved the
original settings and then restores them).  The fix is to just not
to change the parity setting of the interface.  It could be some program
that apt-get calls that is the culprit.

                       David Lawyer

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