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Bug#459344: /etc/cron.daily/apt exits with return code 1, despite being configured to do nothing

On 1/15/08, Brendon Higgins <blhiggins@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm sorry
Brendon! I'm so proud! That's very Christian of you. Let me explain the explanation in the form of an explication.
Perhaps you are familiar with debootstrap. The letters 'de' represent the country code for Denmark. Stroupstrop is Danish for bootstrap. Old timers such as Bjarne and I sometimes say 'bootstrap a machine' when we mean to tell one another to turn on a computer.
Are you familiar with synaptic? It is a GUI replacement for aptitude. Maybe you can distract me with that the next time you don't know how to admit you don't know how to solve a problem.
Say 'hello' to Francesco for me.

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