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Bug#448665: apt - methods needs to return hash, undocumented change and regression

Hi Bastian,

> It is neither documented in the docu nor in the changelog that the state
> of the -Hash fields in a 201 method message is now mendantory. It is
> properly checked in pkgAcquire::Worker::RunMessages if the field is
> there, but pkgAcqArchive::Done uses it unconditional.

Thanks for your bugreport.

This is indeed a undocumented change, sorry for this. We reworked the
hash sum checking code to use sha256 by default now and that caused
the issue.

Could you please describe in a bit more details where you get hit by
the problem? Is it a custom method ? I want to add a regression test
for the fix so some information how you trigger it would be helpful.


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