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Bug#132332: Rumors has been flying about this one been taking over


There is a Big PR Compaqn running all weekend
Get PLLN first thing, this is going to explode!
Check out latest news!



Current Price: $0.28 - $0.32
Short Term Price Target: $1.53
Strong Buy Recommendation
523% profit potential

VANCOUVER, BC--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 7, 2006 -- Peopleline Inc. (Other OTC:PLLN - News) 
announced today the introduction of the "Peopleline Business Brand" to better address the 
advanced communications needs of small and medium size businesses.
Peopleline Business will combine the capabilities of the proven Peopleline Enterprise 
IP messaging products, the newer IP PBX products and the experienced skill sets of 
the Company integrators to further provide effective business communication solutions.

Company Profile:
Peopleline was established in 1998 to develop and sell VoIP/FoIP products and services 
to other Service Providers around the Globe. Peopleline launched its brand of retail 
IP telephony services to local users in Canada in 2004. 

say there was a picture of him in the house with a damask nose,

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