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Re: [apt-zip] offline functionality

Eddy Petrişor wrote:
It is obvious that all of the solutions above have thier deficiencies
and taking into account that a dedicated dependency computation
machine on a site would be (probably) not that popular and would
require maintanance while the supposition that the connected machine
uses Debian is somehow restricted, I feel that the portable library
would be a solution.
> So, my question is: is there such a library written?
> Better yet, does it exist and is written in a portable language? If
> not, is there intent in writing it?

I don't think it is necesary to have big dependencies calculation.
With a very simple script I had to manage nearly daily update in
unstable with floppy discs.

I think you should only check if there are newer versions, and
eventually download the required (depends: and requires:) dependencies.

naturally you lost some changes, but in my experience there are only
few cases, who requires a second interaction home computer <-> networked
And probably in stable you doesn't need anyway.

An other solution is to implement online a dependency checker
(it will calculate dependencies one per day)

BTW there exists apt library in perl, python and C++ (not very well


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