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Just a reminder

Notice - February 2006

Our online University degree selection is coming to 
an end. Over 400 degrees have been sent out in just 
under 3 months. As of now we have only 200 degrees 
available and we are still using work experience and 
past knowledge as our basis for acceptance. 

If you or a family member thinks they may qualify 
for our 2 week, no study University degrees then 
call our Faculty department to find out. 

Faculty Department:
1 (206) 600 - 7904  -  24 hours, 7 Days a week

Upon qualification we will need 1-2 weeks to send 
out transcripts and diploma. 

Bob Crane 
BSc Information Systems 
Faculty Assessment Office

Re-moval instructions:
Fax your email to the below #  
please allow 7 days for removal (206) 203 - 0120

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