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questions about sources.list of new debain release

Hello All,

I installed debian for my friend yesterday. I know the "non-us"
component is obsoleted from release notes.

I remembered the old installer does ask you if you want "non-free" and
"contribute" packages on your sources.list. But yesterday the new
installer doesn't prompt me. Does that mean components options of
"contrib, non-free" are obsoleted as well? I manually added them. It
seems working.

However I cannot clarify this issue. I read man page of sources.list,
but it says:
"...while component is one of main, contrib, non-free, or non-us...."
It still mentioned them all.

Also on webpages:

They all mentioned those three components "contrib, non-free, or
non-us". So I am confused that what indeed we can use now?

I will be much appreciated if anyone can clarify my confusion. Many thanks


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