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Seeking a foriegn Partner/Invester

Sub: Business Proposal
Dear Sir,  
We have great pleasure in intorducing ourselves at Axton International Transportation Maldives Pvt Ltd. We come with 05 years knowledge of local market. Our vision is to achieve excellence through diversity of business.
Therefore now we seek for a foriegn partner who would like to invest here in Maldives in Fisheries Industry. Which will give a return of a fortune, if well managed.
Fishing Industry if the second largest channel for income in the Maldives. Famous Tuna fish is highly demanded for the European and Japanese markets. The only thing that is exported from Maldives is Fish. The industry has grown over the years that people have even started to invest machineries to make cane fish.
A normal size (97ft length) fishing boat catches About an average min of 7 to 10 tons of fish a day.  On a good day boats catches about 20 to 30 tons of fish.
Hence we would like to approach your company to seek if your interest in investing this gold mine.
If you have any further clarification please do contact us at any of the follwoing numbers  or drop a mail.
Waiting for a favourable reply.
warm regards,
Adam Ali
Managing Director
Axton International Transportaion Maldives Pte. Ltd.
G. Anbuge, Fashanakilege Magu,
MSN: axtonadam@hotmail.com
Tel: +9603324319  Fax:+9603331963
Mobile: +9607773547, +9607781072

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