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Bug#30505: Earn Your Degree Now


A Genuine College Degree in 2 weeks !  1-206-350-5982 < - ccall n0ww !

Have you ever thought that the only thing stopping you from a great job and better pay was a few letters behind your name?  

Well now you can get them!

BA   BSc     MA    MSc    MBA   PhD

Within 2 weeks!      No Study Required!     100% Verifiable!

These are real, genuine non accredited degrees that include Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees.  

They are verifiable and student records and transcripts are also available. 

This little known secret has been kept quiet for years.  The opportunity exists due to a legal loophole allowing some established colleges to award degrees at their discretion.

With all of the attention that this news has been generating, I wouldn't be surprised to see this loophole closed very soon.  Order yours today.  Just call the number below.  You'll thank me later.


Wallace Hampton

Indifference offers a better return on investment than hate. Mostly because far too many people we might hate are self-involved sociopaths with large volumes of spare time in which to retaliate. I recently watched a friend of mine stand down from a pointless argument with just such a sociopath. He knew there was no resolution in sight and the agitated party called him a coward. I know my friend is not afraid, but an intelligent man who has no interest in engaging a fruit loop with a penchant for bullying. I wish I knew more cowards like that.3

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