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Bug#320392: apt : missing transcoded font packages when installing fvwm in a spanish system

package apt
reassign 320392 fvwm

On Friday, July 29, 2005 3:24 AM, jose q <jose_marizatt@mundo-r.com> wrote:

> Package: apt
> Version:
> Debian dists affected : Sarge , Etch
> When fvwm is installed using apt-get in a system with locale set to
> spanish
> ( choosed in the menus of installation process ) the titles in the
> windows of x11 appears
> with deformed letters. The cause is that the transcoded fonts
> packages are  not installed.
>  After installing the transcoded fonts packages the problem
> dissappears.

apt installs whatever packages have listed as their dependencies; if those
dependencies are incorrect then that's not apt's fault.




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