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Dear Friends,

I just want to let you know that I have collected various patches that
are floating around for apt and merged them all into the a 
"apt--woa (working overloaded apt)" baz branch:

baz archive: michael.vogt@ubuntu.com--2005/apt--woa--0 
at http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/arch/ubuntu

Credits to all the people that made those patches possible, thanks!
(usually the bug-log will tell who contributed)

If you are curious to test it you will need the "bazaar" package and
then run:
$ baz register-archive http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/arch/ubuntu
$ baz get michael.vogt@ubuntu.com--2005/apt--woa--0 apt--woa
$ cd apt--woa
$ debian/rules arch-build 
that will build packages in debian/arch-build
(you will need quite a few sgml packages in additon to the normal apt
build-depens, I have "perlsgml docbook xmlto sgml2x sgmlspl"
installed, there may be more I forgot). Please use g++-4.0, g++-3.3
has problems with the ssl code it seems (just update to the latest
version of gcc,g++ on sid, it's already g++-4.0 now).

I would be interessted to know if that stuff works for you. Keep in
mind that it's pretty experimental. It's better to keep a copy of the
"normal" apt debs around :) It's probably best to report problems
directly to me to keep the noise on this list down. It's likely that
my answers take a bit of time because I'll be on vacation for a bit
soon. I'm sorry that I can't provide pre-build packages right now, my
debian/sid machine is down because of a hardware failure.

It contains the following stuff:

Support for translated package descriptions (#265009)

Adds support for Translation-$lang index files that contain the
translated package descriptions for the given language
# apt-cache show apt 
will display the description in the select LANG enviroment
[needs support in the frontends (aptitude, synaptic) but is easy to
add, implmentation needs testing but should be fine]

Support for automatic removal of unused dependencies

Apt will keep track of packages that are installed because they are
needed as a dependency (just like aptitude does) and will
automatically remove them (if apt-get remove --auto-remove is called)
when no other package depends on them anymore.
# apt-get remove --auto-remove licq 
will remove libgpgme6 licq licq-plugin-rms (libgpgme6 was installed
as a dependency when licq was installed). 
[the implementation should mostly work, it has a few warts but should
otherwise work ok, needs testing]

Progress reporting during install (#185424)

Support to report the progress of the installation over a status file
descriptor (APT::Status-Fd). This is needed for e.g. base-config to
hide the dpkg messages during stage2 of the install.
# apt-get install -o APT::Status-Fd=1 3dchess
will print progress information to stdout.
[Should be pretty ok]

http bandwidth limit (#146877):

The download bandwith (in kb) can be set with "Acquire::http::DlLimit"
# apt-get update -o Acquire::http::DlLimit=7
[work all right for me, the balance between reading and throttling may
 need tweaking].

Local install (#47379):

Local installation of deb package is working and takes dependencies
into account: 
# apt-get install local_package.deb
[Works, the implmentation is controversial because it links apt-pkg
with apt-inst (to get the header information from the
debfile). libdpkg might help us here (when it's done)]

Indexfile (Packages, Sources) diff file support (#128818)

Tries to download ed-style diffs for the index files. 
[Should work, ftp.debian.org does not yet generate the needed indexes,
 the code has no internal ed implementation but calls ed
 directly. that's something that needs to be fixed in the future]

Support for https (#77055)

Makes "deb https://server /" entires in sources.list possible.
[Worked for my tests]

Support for http authentication and redirect (#212732)

Make interactive authentication possible. 
[Needs support in the GUI frontends too]


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