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Bug#152129: -t ignoring also happens with binary installs and upgrades

My sources.list contains entries for stable, testing, and unstable. I'm currently tracking testing (with a few unstables). I have a 'APT::Default-Release "testing";' line in my apt.conf.

When I run apt-get install on a package I know has an upgrade, or apt-get upgrade (or dist-upgrade or dselect-upgrade) with no options apt tries to downgrade the package (or packages) to stable. This also happens if I include a '-t testing' or '-t unstable'. This is similar to this bug which is why I'm mailing you.

However, as an added twist, if you specify '-t stable' it installs the testing release. This works for both install and the upgrade commands.

Using apt-get install package/release *does* work correctly, but you can't do that on an apt-get upgrade.

This happens with apt versions and (the unstable and testing releases).


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Cameron Stone                            <camerons@cse.unsw.edu.au>

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