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Bug#264952: apt-ftparchive: optionally merge in architecture-independent packages

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Russ Allbery wrote:

> > What are you trying to do anyhow? I can't think of any good reason to
> > split things up by binary-* unless you are maintaining a really big
> > archive.. For smaller archives it is OK to produce a mixed architecture
> > package file, apt/etc handle it just fine.
> I'm trying to bring debarchiver's indexing up to snuff.  I've been
> submitting a flurry of patches to it -- it was originally using
> dpkg-scanpackages and dpkg-scansources, and now it can use apt-ftparchive
> and can generate the per-arch Release files.  But I was trying to solve
> problems I encountered in the right place, and from what documentation I
> had, this seemed to be more of an apt-ftparchive thing.

> With this additional information, I now know that debarchiver should be
> creating symlinks when it installs "all" arch debs, and I'll go back and

Well, I frankly consider the symlinks to have been a bad idea. I think
you'd be better off with using file listings as I described for any new
implementation. It is annoying to maintain the symlinks and there is
really no need. 

> For my future reference, is there any documentation I should have turned
> to that would have explained this sort of issue?  I'm coming into this a
> bit blind, not having had long experience with Debian's archive format, so
> I'm trying to puzzle things out from what I've happened to stumble across.

Hmm, I'm not aware of any.


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