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Bug#240896: not pending anymore

On Sat, Jun 05, 2004 at 10:58:58AM -0500, David Dooling wrote:
> Michael Banck said:
> > On the other hand, amd64 seems to be well introduced in public now so
> > that potential users will recognize it as the port they should install.
> I keep hearing this argument but I am not sure it is correct.  Just as
> people do not buy i686 processors (they buy Pentium IV processors), they
> do not buy AMD64 processors (they but Opteron or Athlon64).  So it really
> seems the only people who know what AMD64 refers to are the same people
> who know what x86_64 refers to.

The logo that AMD uses for the AMD Athlon 64/FX, which happens to be
plastered everywhere from the outside of computer boxes, to boxed
processors, and even on laptop keyboards makes it very obvious the arch
name is AMD64. Someone could easily guess at amd64, could they guess at
x86_64 which some dists and the toolchain uses? Or possibly x86-64
which no one else uses at all? Both my boxed processor and my laptop
have the logos that look like pictured on the website. Now I don't know
what the logo looks like for Opteron but I think they may just use the
plain AMD64 logo for that one without the word Opteron on it.

Pictures of the logos used on boxes, devices, etc:


Chris Cheney

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