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Bug#240896: not pending anymore

Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net> writes:

> Previously Stephen Frost wrote:
>> Right, and the people who go out and *buy* the processors will see amd64
>> on them and not see x86-64 anywhere.  Sounds just great.
> I have yet to see any box in a show that has an architecture name on it.
> I have never seen a shop, box, folder, etc. that says 'i386', 'amd64',
> etc. 

Never seen a Debian Box? Or a SuSe Axp box? Or Debian CD Labels?

http://www.debian.org/CD/artwork/ for some examples.

People would be very confused if the Debian Boxes would not say what
arch it is for. The DAUs would end up buying the alpha flavour because
its the first in the row (in the shops that have !i386).

>> No, obviously not unless you consider the Gentoo, Mandrake and *Debian*
>> developers who chose amd64.  Those Debian developers also being the vast
>> majority of the people who *worked* on the port.
> Strange then that the developers who did the vast work on the port want
> a different name than the devel tools themselves use.

We don't want a different name but the name we have used for the last
year or so, the name used on the webpages, the name used in sarge/sid
packages, the name used in the patches send to dpkg/apt, the name that
was in the dpkg cvs for a while till the fatefull change to x86-64.

>> So Gentoo and Mandrake aren't popular and the Debian developers and
>> users don't count?  False statements can imply anything, it'd be much
>> more interesting if you were a bit more creative at least.
> Amongst the average user for whom it is most important to see a familiar
> name they can immediately recognize Gentoo and Debian are not popular.

So your saying we don't have to use what the popular distributions use
(x86_64 in your words) since the average, uniformed user won't be
looking at us anyway. Doesn't that work against you since then Debian
can choose freely and use amd64?


> Those are the people who buy boxes in stores and download something
> glitzy with graphical installers and spiced up GUIs.

Maybe they get a taste for it and then decide to try out Debian. They
are used to their Suse AMD64 or RH Amd64 system (remember, they never
seen the inside of rpm but just the paper box and amd64 sticker on
their computer) and looking at www.debian.org all they would see is
old i386 32bit and 12 unrecognisable archs of which they can't make
heads or tails.

> Wichert.


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