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[apt 0.6.23] Unable to find expected entry /source/Sources

[I sent this message a couple of weeks ago to deity@l.d.o, but there was no answer. I see that the list is drowning in spam so I suspect it went unnoticed, therefore I'm CC'ing you directly. Apologies in advance if you already saw it, but please ACK... I can also forward to bugs.d.o if you think it's better to do so.]

I've been using the experimental branch of apt for quite some time now,
without problems. I'm keeping my own or modified packages in a local
repository that I access from several machines in my network, but until
now I only used it for compiled packages. Today I tried adding a deb-src
line to sources.list and "apt-get update" gave me this error:
   Get:1 http://athlon ./ Release.gpg [189B]
   Hit http://athlon ./ Release
   Hit http://athlon ./ Packages
   Failed to fetch http://athlon/~flavio/debian/./Release  Unable to
   find expected entry  /source/Sources in Meta-index file
   (malformed Release file?)

There is no line saying "Hit http://athlon ./ Sources" as I would have
expected; the Sources file is of course there and it is not empty.

I reverted to the standard apt from unstable: the error went away and I
could install sources for my packages with "apt-get source package".

My wild guess is that the problem has its origin in
debReleaseIndex::SourceIndexURISuffix() not using the same logic as
debReleaseIndex::IndexURISuffix() to build the URI suffix. This is in
file apt-pkg/deb/debmetaindex.cc.

The offending part of my sources.list file looks like this:
   deb     http://athlon/~flavio/debian/ ./
   deb-src http://athlon/~flavio/debian/ ./

The Release file I'm using is attached; it is being generated with
apt-ftparchive and some suitable -o options.

The files are served by Apache, if that matters.

Ciao, Flavio

Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 12:21:58 UTC
Label: Flavio
Origin: Flavio
Suite: experimental
 83731898a47c3bd49b2afe5bbf473b64            23016 Packages
 fd0720765e5af5d9d91508b560799a80             4863 Packages.gz
 c3b20545abaae84bebe8f95c8c3ab6ab             3488 Sources
 f49854df5a4533597a352a8962ba398a             1333 Sources.gz
 d91b6710a78c19aff9ddc1076d0cffe44f8cd747            23016 Packages
 ba4a751cb3c0155fb03260f40a150889eda5cebb             4863 Packages.gz
 baa54ad3d194fb52edbdd0eb4b823ef35f8763e6             3488 Sources
 1ffdc5531a62db58516a55f2f20be56e7b9bd5a5             1333 Sources.gz

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