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Cancelling a download cleanly


  This is an old question, but I've run into it again in another

  What is the correct way for an apt frontend to cancel a download?  The
obvious thing from reading the header files is to return false from
the Pulse method of the status object, but this results in a large
number of errors:

E: Tried to dequeue a fetching object

  [repeat once for every unfinished item]

  When I ran into this in aptitude, I tried a number of things to fix
it, such as calling Finished on every item, but I wasn't succesful.  Are
there any apt gurus who could tell me what the approved way of cleanly
aborting a download is?  Obviously returning false from Pulse isn't it :-(

  (I'm at the point where I'm considering just suppressing any error
   that matches the above message, but that's ugly)


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