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Bug#231260: apt-ftparchive breaks debmirror with broken packages files

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:

> On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 02:56:16PM +0100, Christian Marillat wrote:
>> Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:


>> > Make your local repository a mirror of your remote repository.  Set things
>> > up the way you want it, and then synch it to the http server.
>> But I can't. How I can upload 153 MB when my quota is set to 100 MB ?
> I wasn't suggesting that you upload 153MB.
> If it is 153MB because you store multiple copies of packages, share the
> packages between distributions.  If it is 153MB because you have packages in

This is what I'm doing with my override files. OK this is not the right
method, but this is less work. My override files contains 31 entries when
my filelist files contains 122 entries.

Anyway now I use the Filelist method to not break debmirror users.


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