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Bug#234494: problem in fr.po (#217152 again)

Package: apt
Version: 0.5.22
Severity: normal


#217152 is back (or wasn't ever solved ?, I did not check in between
versions), I could not reopen it, since it is archived.

To remind, the problem comes from the "non-breaking space" (iso-8859
character with decimal value 160) inside "Oui, faites ce que je vous dis
!", just before the "!".

This non breaking space is used everywhere near "!", "«", "»" and ":"
symbols. This issue might be related to the editor used by the french
translator, which replaces spaces with such non-breaking space symbols 
at some places (which might be correct, but not in strings to be typed
by users for comparisons).

How to find if the problem is solved:

cat fr.po |grep 'Oui, faites' | od -t u1  |grep ' 160 '

There shouldn't be output if file is ok.


Sylvain Pasche

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