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Bug#227447: Wishlist: apt-get should be strace-able

reassign 227447 strace

On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 08:42:08PM +0100, Thomas Fischbacher wrote:
> > Can you be a bit more specific?  stracing apt works fine for me.
> Here is a log (generated from within an emacs shell) of what happens when 
> I call strace on apt... Final result is a hanging process that does not 
> return to the shell and can only be killed by a -9. But I also have seen 
> different results where even starting the http apt access method did not 
> work.
> System is a recent Debian Woody, kernel 2.4.24-grsec, grsecurity ACLs 
> disabled for update, platform i386.
> However, I also just managed to strace an "apt-get install binstats" - 
> this gave a few I/O errors like the one below, but seemed to work 
> otherwise.

Reassigning to strace.  Since you are running Woody, this is probably a bug
which has since been fixed in unstable (where I did my test).  The strace
maintainer should be able to confirm this if so.

 - mdz

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