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Bug#218876: Ugrading apt 0.5.4 (stable) to 0.5.14 (testing) results in ignoring pin priorities in /etc/apt/preferences

Package: apt
Version: 0.5.14
Severity: normal

The syntax of /etc/apt/preferences used "Priority: " tags while the syntax
in 0.5.14 is "Pin-Priority: ". After upgrading to 0.5.14 the
/etc/apt/preferences file remains the same but the new apt looks for
"Pin-Priority: ", does not find it and produces warning:

W: No priority (or zero) specified for pin

I guess a possible solution would be to update the postinst script to
upgrade /etc/apt/preferences file to the new format. However older
preferences files may come up from backups and produce the same warnings.

A more user friendly approach is to patch policy.cc:

--- policy.cc.orig      2003-11-02 23:08:39.000000000 +1030
+++ policy.cc   2003-11-02 23:11:27.000000000 +1030
@@ -294,7 +294,7 @@
       for (; Word != End && isspace(*Word) != 0; Word++);

       short int priority = Tags.FindI("Pin-Priority", 0);
-      if (priority == 0)
+      if ((priority == 0) || ((priority = Tags.FindI("Priority")) == 0))
          _error->Warning(_("No priority (or zero) specified for pin"));

With this patch apt will work either way, providing smooth transition from
the older format.

Note that apt-howto needs to be updated as well, unless the maintainer
decides to back-off the change and revert to the old "Priority: " tag.

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