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Please have mercy



It has been a long time I have been dying in silence also due to my inability to meet people and express my problems for them to know if they could be able to help me continue my life.

I am Nigerian and I was operating a small market business in Cote D'Ivoire before their war bumped out which lead to looting, destroying and vandalizing of my business by the citizens, rebels soldiers and other group of people involved in the political crisis.

After all, I was thinking on how to start manage myself since they have taken away every computers in my shop but it did not end there, to my greatest surprise, my shop was bunt down with some little amount of money which I have kept there as to purchase more goods immediately the situation is calmed.

In fact, I hoped to run down to my shop that night that we heard the television and radio announcement but it was not possible for me because as in a war country, all movements are been stopped immediately it is 6:pm because of the coiffure placed by the government and before every body could get to the shopping plaza in the morning, every thing was burnt down.

Please I am contacting you to seek help from you so that I can still continue my life because I am a student businessman and now I have returned to Nigeria jobless and I do not know who I can meet to help so that I can start my business and also go back to school because I am very ambitious person with vision, apparition, hallucination and mission.

If you will like to reap from also help me, it will be of a good idea if you will like to start an investment here in country, which I can help you to be taking care of it, and if possible you can also come down and lets do it together as I will assist you in making every logistics as in getting a nice site and office where the company will be erected also we will go into the market choice business here in Nigeria which I will explain to you upon the receipt of your email.

I am ready and willing to do every thing that I will do to the starting of the business and also as to enable me see where I can be earning my daily bread so I will also send my picture, address and phone number so that we can work this out.

Expecting to hear from you soonest.


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