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fund transfer

Dear Sir,
My name is William Ume,
Presently, I am working in an African country.

I sent you this mail sometime ago asking for your assistance,uptil now I have not received a response from you.
I got your contact via an online network and felt you may be willing to pursue this with me.
This proposal may sound strange to you or probably you may even think it is a joke, because of lots of funny mails circulating over the Internet. Well if you do, I really understand, but honestly my friend, I am really handicaped, because this is the only means available to me to communicate to you.
Honestly, I think you should give me a trial, I need your assistance and the deal is good.

The deal involves the transfer of funds, safely abroad. For your role, you are to receive a percentage of the funds, based on a sharing formula that will be agreed by both parties.
If you are interested in pursuing this further please contact me via e-mail so that I can furnish you with the relevant details about the origin of the fund and the modalities for the deal.
Please send your response to my private e-mail williume@indiatimes.com




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