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Bug#207400: Notes

Here is an initial list of the stuff in Conectiva's tree which is not in
Debian's.  Some of these are probably not suitable for Debian, at least at
this time, and the rest need to be broken up in order to merge.  Note that
there were some things whose purpose wasn't clear to me, and this list could
probably be coalesced into a smaller number of higher-level changes, but
this is difficult to pick out with a monolithic patch of some 100k lines.

RPM support in particular still has some #ifdefs and such which need to be
resolved in order to be able to build both deb and RPM support from common
source in a reasonable way.

- lua
- sourceparts
- cdrom copy
- GPG method
- rpm-specific tools
- "Do not break if '#' is inside []"
- performance improvements
  - inlines
  - IsImportant/IsCritical
  - FindPkg/FindPackage
  - NewPackage
  - CacheBuilt
- case sensitive package names?
- CheckDep stuff?
- file provides
- pkgRepository?
- repository authentication
- "Do not remove obsoleted packages"?
- "Configuring makes no sense..." needs better solution
- progress OrderedOffset?
- algorithms changes
- obsoleted packages?
- error handling changes
- version.h
- preprocess, processcache
- rpmpriorities
- "replaced" in apt-get
- bavail instead of bfree?  we are the superuser
- post-install clean, autoclean
- apt-get.cc packagemanager changes?
- apt-get.cc source list changes?
- partial updates?
- remove-depends - try to remove dependencies of removed packages
- CheckOnly?
- srpm builds
- apt-cache whatdepends
- rpm cdrom support
- apt-shell

 - mdz

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