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rsync in apt sources.list?

Re: Package Lists and Size, linux.debian.devel

Cor> Some of the servers run rsync, which works well for the Packages
Cor> file, but does not work for the packages themselves.  

OK, will putting rsync in one's sources.list as you say below just
affect the Packages file fetching, or also the fetching of the
packages themselves?  How can I switch on only the former?

Cor> Other mirrors do not run rsync since it puts extra CPU load on
Cor> their server. Perhaps you could find/use a mirror with public
Cor> rsync access.  To do this, just replace http with rsync in your
Cor> sources.list

I don't see this documented.  If I upgrade (apt: Installed: 0.5.4
Candidate:, Need to get 12.4MB) do I get this new feature?
Is there a link to just the changelog so I can see if they added this
before I spend the modem time downloading? http://packages.debian.org
doesn't seem to have links to changelogs, not are they in separate
files on the mirrors.

Cor> There are technical solutions to precomputing the diffs used by
Cor> rsync, as well as solutions for diffing .gz files.  E.g. I was
Cor> able to perform apt-get update, upgrade in about half the time,
Cor> but nobody has put in the work required to get these nicely
Cor> integrated into the current tool set,

is it in apt now?

Cor> set up on the servers with simple HOWTOs for mirrors.

or you mean apt can do it, but not all the servers run an rsync

What about http://home.tiscali.cz:8080/~cz210552/aptrsync.html
is it now obsolete?

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