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Acquiring packages

Hi APT team,

I'd like to acquire .debs on a box that does have HTTP access to a Debian 
mirror so that I can transfer them to a box that has no such access and 
manually install them using dpkg.

Problem is, if I go "apt-get clean; apt-get -d install package" for a
package that is already up to date on the box that has HTTP access, 
apt-get says there's no point in getting the package, as it's already up 
to date.

This is a fair enough statement to make, however I'd like some (easy) way 
of acquiring .debs for transferring security updates to servers within my 
infrastructure that aren't able to access a Debian mirror (for security 

apt-get would seem to be the tool of choice, so if there isn't some hidden 
functionality to accomplish this, perhaps you could take this onboard as a 
feature request?


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