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Bug#40181: based on policy, this is a bug

Cardenas wrote:
> it makes perfect sense to have a --recommends flag. 

joey@dragon:~>aptitude --help |grep -A1 recommends
 --with(out)-recommends, --with(out)-suggests
                Specify whether or not to treat recommends (suggests) as
                strong dependencies

I doubt that apt-get will ever get this, but apt-get is just one example
frontend to apt, and aptitiude can already almost completly replace it.

There is earlier discussion in this bug report about the difficulty of
presenting recommends/suggests info to the user in a simple interface like
apt's. aptitude avoids this by letting the user jump into a full gui
interface from the simple interface.

What I'd like to see if for aptitude to get the few remaining command line
switches that apt-get has and it does not, and then for apt-get to just turn
into a symlink to aptitude..

(Of course what I would really like to see is an apt built with the new
c++ libs in unstable so aptitude could stop having a dozen grave bugs.)

see shy jo

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