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Bug#184536: apt: build dependcies cannot be satisfied when dependencies exist

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 11:34:24PM -0500, Faheem Mitha wrote:
> In gmane.linux.debian.apt.devel, you wrote:
> > In gmane.linux.debian.apt.devel, you wrote:
> >> 
> >> When I try to run "apt-get build-dep <src-pkg>", I get an error
> >> message. This makes it very difficult to build almost any package
> >> automatically. I pretty sure this didn't happen with 0.5.4.
> >> 
> >> bmc@stonewall:/tmp/gnome-lokkit-0.50% sudo apt-get build-dep gnome-lokkit
> >> E: Build-Depends dependency for gnome-lokkit cannot be satisfied because no=
> >>  available versions of package automake can satisfy version requirements
> > 
> > If you want to build your program, change the line in debian/control
> > to one of automake1.4, automake1.5, automake1.6, automake1.7. I'd go
> > with 1.4 since this is the version on stable.
> I'm sorry. automake1.4 etc. clearly says
> Provides: automake
> So automake still exists as a virtual package. I think "apt-get
> build-depends" has some problems handling virtual packages. Clearly
> this bug does belong to apt. Please ignore my earlier comment.

Actually, it's illustrated, somewhere, that you (read: a package) should
say "Depends: foopackage | virtual-foo", indicating a preferred - or a
random if all are equally preferred - package providing the virtual
package. I think this is precisely because apt refuses to pick for you.
And note my choice of words: refuses; I was told this is deliberately (not
by Jason though, so the question is whether whoever told me so was
authorative on the issue)
But in any case it means that there is a minor FTBFS bug in gnome-lokkit.



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