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Further apt_preferences man page fixes

OK folks, a new version ( of apt has been posted at 
so that gives us a new base to work from.  I volunteer
to collect any patches or change requests against the
man page.  Susan: Can you please send me a new patch?

Straight away I see a few typos.  There are a couple I
don't know how to fix.  Can you help me?:

1. In the second paragraph under DETERMINATION OF PACKAGE 
VERSION AND RELEASE PROPERTIES it says "The Packages file is
normally found in the directory It consists of a series ...".
The directory name does not appear.

2. Under EXAMPLES the headings look like this:

More serious is the issue of priority assignment to "instance"
versus "version".  It appears that I was fairly successful in
expressing my belief about how APT works, but less successful
in expressing an accurate belief.  Based on what I read in 
#179868, I take it that APT assigns priorities to versions,
not to instances; it does not keep track of instances until
it needs to find an instance of a selected version to download
for installation.  Is this right?

1. Use "distribution" more consistently rather than "release"
2. Clarify some of the wording
3. Say "upgrade" instead of "dist-upgrade"

I have received a couple of wishes for additions:
1. An example of using preferences to track testing and
   to allow the installation of the odd "unstable" package
   which won't then track unstable on apt-get upgrade.
2. Explanation that only the order of prioirities is significant,
   not the absolute magnitude.

Thomas Hood <jdthood@yahoo.co.uk>

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