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Compiled src-debs and apt-get upgrade

Hi !

First of all : sorry for my bad english ... ;-)

I was just wondering, if it is possible to stop apt-get upgrade to replace .debs I compiled from Source-Packages with the same Version from the stable-Dist WITHOUT having to mark them "hold" ?

Sorry, but I couldn't find anything about this topic (even on the net), so I'm asking you ...

Christian Ney
Eurowings Luftverkehrs AG
UNIX- / Firewall-Administration
Flugplatz 21
44319 Dortmund

eMail: ney@eurowings.de
Tel.: ++49-231-92457441
Fax: ++49-231-92457487

echo '@a=(A..Z,a..z," ");$t="a"x25;{for($x=0,$|=$n=30; $n--;){for($l=$t;1<rand 7;)
{substr$l,rand 25,1,$ a[rand@a]}$q=$_="resU naibeD a eb ot duorP";for($a=$l;$_;){s/.//;$q++
if chop$a eq$&}if($x<=$q){$e=$l;die$ e,$/if($x=$q)==25}}print$t=$e,"\r";redo}'|perl

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