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apt and dpkg can't purge half-configured gdm2

Dear folks at deity,

I don't know if i am allowed to ask this on your list.
I looked up the archives and the bugs, but I'm not a grande recherchieur,
and on a slow dialup, found nothing appropriate so far.
Already wrote to the d-user list, but no reply.
Perhaps you know another link.
And before i forget, please cc me.

Installed Gnome2 on woody i386 using aptitude.
Then i decided to purge gdm2 (use kdm).
Some  dirs not empty, remaining,  apt said.
I found empty /etc/gdm directories, and deleted them manually.
Then purged once again.
Now there was an error, and  aptitude left the package with status 'C' 
half-configured, not purging.
Translated from german it goes like 
'dpkg error while cleaning up: subprocess post-installation returns error 
code 10. Procceeding gdm2. dpkg returned error code (1)'

So, i tried to reinstall again gdm2, but that failed also now with a similar 
error message.

( btw. it's hard to read the originally dpkg-error because the text 
immediateley is overwritten by the loginmanager-chooser)

I fiddled with dpkg and apt-get, but I'm not used to commandlines.
I tried to recreate the /etc/gdm/* manually.

Anyway I am unable to purge gdm2.

The problem is, aptitude  really hangs at  this, canceling most pending 
actions.  So I'm not able to proceed. 
Ack !  What happened at all ?!
I can't  find an appropriate log:
/var/log/aptitude is empty.
Couldn't find out how to get dpkg -D10 working.
I don't understand the manpages of dpkg and apt easily, 
mostly in english here.

The CD's are fsn.hu's with Gnome2 from Gustavo Noronha ( 
debian.org/~kov ). Base system is woody 3.0 rev1 from Dec 2002, no updates.

I've investigated much work into this laptop, it's for a friend. I promised 
there will be something better than M$ when i give it back to her.
Becuase i lack the time now a new installation+configuration might 
cost me a about month. Or better to return to MS then. But i couldn't stand 

Please, can you give me a hint ?


-- micha

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