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Bug#104323: I'd like to vote for this bug


is there a way I can vote for this bug #104323 which has been recorded
for almost 20 months now and still not been fixed?  This is a real
problem when trying to install packages remotely i.e. without having
physical access to the CD-ROM.  I was about to file my own bug report

 ,----- [ Bug report ] 
|  From: Rolf Leggewie <i.report.all.spamscumbags@expires-2003-01-31.nexgo.de>
|  Subject: apt-get, installation CDs and --download-only
|  Package: apt
|  Hi,
|  I have used apt-cdrom to populate my sources.list with entries for the
|  7-piece Woody CD set dated 18th of July 2002. Now, I'd like to do
|    "apt-get install --download-only package1 packgeX"
|  to copy a few debs into the local cache on the hard disk.  Above command
|  successfully exits with "Download complete and in download only mode".
|  But alas, the packages do not show up in /var/cache/apt/archives/ and
|  the ensuing command
|    "apt-get install --no-download package1 packageX"
|  again requests the CDs :(.  Since I do not always have physical access
|  to the CD-ROM drive I'd rather not have this happen.  I'd appreciate a
|  hint on how to receive a notice when this bug has been fixed.  Thank
|  you.
|  Regards
|  Rolf Leggewie

I include it here since it broadens the originally filed bug report in
that --download-only has a bug too when working with CD-ROMs (AFAICT
this might be similar to what is filed as bug #164399.)

My problem is installing packages through telnet or SSH over an ISDN
line on a remote server.  What I would like to do is to gather the
needed packages on the hard drive first so the CDs do not have to be
switched in the middle of installation.  If the feature request AKA bug
#47379 were to be implemented, this would help, too.


Rolf Leggewie

--> mail sent to bug 104323, with cc for 164399 and 47379

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