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dist-upgrade better than "freshen my sid CDs"

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to gmane.linux.debian.user as well.

Summary: "freshen my sid CDs" probably worse than "get fresh CDs" or
"dist-upgrade via apt-zip".

Recently I posted on
about ideas for modem users on how to freshen their sid CD set:
1. not like apt-zip, which is gets fresh versions of what you already
have installed. Therefore one never gets new kernel releases, etc.
2. not like jigdo, which is for making a whole new set of cds,
therefore one ends up making lots of CDs even if only a few programs
changed, I recall.

Instead my fantabulous idea was: have my friend burn a CD with all the
.debs in sid minus the ones I already have on my 20021010 CDs.

Well, since my sid cds are three months old, it turns out that more
than 1/2 of the .debs are older than current.  Hmmm, therefore say I
wait a few more months, probably most of the programs will have new
versions.  So maybe I should just 'a new sid cd set once a year, and
in the meantime, apt-zip and just plain apt-get install for small
stuff that one wants freshened badly.  wwwoffle and
APT::Get::List-Cleanup false; are helpful for offline users.

Anyway here's how I computed it:
$ make -s bytes_needed
Unchaged on CDs 2612964310, changed 3496978462
or if just apt-zip, dist-upgrade: 500961328

I.e. 3GB vs. 500MB
here's the Makefile to compute it:
PV=awk '/^Package:/ {p=$$2};\
	/^Version:/ {v=$$2};\
	/^Size:/    {s=$$2};\
	/^$$/       {sub(":","%3a",v);print f,p"_"v,s}'
	$(PV) $(LD)/$H_debian_dists_sid*-i386_Packages|sort>$@
	$(PV) $(LD)/Debian%20GNU_Linux%20SID*i386_Packages|sort>$@
bytes_needed: remote_list cd_list /tmp/fetch-script-wget-debian
	comm -2 remote_list cd_list|awk '/^\t/{h+=$$3;next};{s+=$$3};\
		END{printf "Unchaged on CDs %d, changed %d\n",h,s}'
	awk '{s+=$$3};END{printf "or if just apt-zip, dist-upgrade: %d\n",s}' \
	/usr/sbin/apt-zip-list -s -m /tmp -a dist-upgrade
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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