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Re: Bug#174945: Acknowledgement (apt: installing package with lots of conffiles breaks apt)

On 2 Jan 2003, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

 > In tagfile.h, the default buffer size is set to 32*1024.  However, the
> conffiles field of the package in question is 45040 bytes long.  What
> happens is the buffer is completely filled and therefore apt stops
> working.  The same happens if any other field is larger than 32k bytes
> long, say a description.

Yes, this is correct, any record cannot exceed 32K. If the buffer were
made dynamic then it could potentially grow to unreasonable sizes on a
corrupt file. I personally think 32K is a very reasonable limit,
considering it is something like 50x larger than the average size. 

IMHO mailman should probably reconsider having such a large list.


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