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bug - cdrom access

Good day,
i was find one non-critical bug.

system: Debian Woody 3.0 release 0
cdrom: SONY CD-ROM CDU5221 (IDE)
installed from CDs


// in cdrom is mounted some data CD
#apt-get install zgv
// apt writes that wants CD binary 2
<Enter> // my mistake
// apt writes that wants CD binary 2
//i was change CD, now is in CD drive really CD binaty 2
// apt writes that wants CD binary 2 -ERROR
#apt-get install zgv
... apt can not use any CD
#apt-get install ratpoison
#dselect; //then set packages, choose install
// i wasn't find any way to force my apt, that install some package from CD
// from http://http.us.debian.org/debian work properly

if you want some info about my system/computer, please mail me to lhc@kanal.ucw.cz, but I mean, that other info is irelevant

Thank You for Debian :-)


P.S. sorry, but may english is VERY BAD, it's not my first language

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