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On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> You touched on a few of them at the end. The new version stuff, new
> Release files, signed Release files and translated package descriptions
> are the most evident missing functions.

Well, on this note, the version stuff is no longer a problem.  I ported the
dpkg version to apt, and did an upgrade of 180 megs.  Seemed to run fine.

It's in cvs now.

As for translated package descriptions, are those that have done work there
listening?  Could you speak up, and show how you have modified apt?

Where can I find more info about the Release file changes?

> > Do you have more information about these problems?  Do you have a way to
> > duplicate them?
> Thomas's problem package file is one, last time I tried it though it
> didn't happen here. The new gettext i18n stuff is also pretty screwed up,
> the translation files are very old. The po directory apparently doesn't
> build on SMP either because of a bad assumption I made, the make-hackary
> to fix that is unfortunately rather involved though.

The po dir builds fine now on smp.  It was a simple fix(single line change,
adding a dep).

dpkg also has issues with the latest gettext.  I don't know what magical
incantions are needed to make it work.

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