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Re: po/makefile bug in cvs?

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Masato Taruishi wrote:

> For example, say I build apt at /home/taru/build/apt/.
> In this case, $(call GETDOMAIN, /home/taru/build/apt/po/domains/apt/ja.po)
> will be 'apt apt' because $(subst /, , $(1)) converts it to
> 'home taru build apt po domains apt ja.po', and therefore
> $(filter $(DOMAINS),$(subst /, ,$(1))) converts to 'apt apt'.

This seems reasonable..
> Does anyone know why this happens? Do I need a specific version of
> autotools or other tools?

Not sure, I don't think you need a special version. You did run 
'make configure' to rerun autoconf and all?


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