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On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> Well, I think that is worth trying. Please go ahead and put something in
> experimental and see what happens.

It's been noted that an upload to experimental will close bugs mentioned in
the changelog.  I'm not certain if I agree with this, but it's enough to make
me upload to people.d.o instead.

> There is no test suite per-say, but through all the configuration stuff
> you can create isolated test environments.

Apt is actually easier to test because of this, than dpkg.

> > Do you have more information about these problems?  Do you have a way to
> > duplicate them?
> Thomas's problem package file is one, last time I tried it though it
> didn't happen here. The new gettext i18n stuff is also pretty screwed up,
> the translation files are very old. The po directory apparently doesn't
> build on SMP either because of a bad assumption I made, the make-hackary
> to fix that is unfortunately rather involved though.

Yeah, I saw this smp/po error myself.  Since I'm the one that modified apt to
compile with -j anyways, it shouldn't be hard to fix.

As for Thomas' problem, is he listening?  Could you clue the rest of us in
into how to duplicate it?

I suppose we should handle the translations like we do in dpkg.  Before major
uploads, ping this list(and the maintainers listed in each file), for updates.

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