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Re: Bug#167899: apt-get tries to update already up2date packages

Am Dienstag, 5. November 2002 19.06 schrieb Jason Gunthorpe:
> On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Andy Tönz wrote:
> > apt-get tries to update packages which are already up2date.
> > dunno why this happens :(
> Did you compile them yourself?

No it's a semi-official package.
It's a debian-release from KDE.

*hm* no, it's official !
Looked again !
Martin Loschwitz -> in debian/unstable

> Try 'apt-cache show libtqt3'

BTW: Tracked down the problem (Pinning-Issues, in relation to some package 
So the problem looks solved.

But this "effect" shouldnt be either*:
Preparing to replace libqt3-mt 2:3.0.5-4 (using 
.../libqt3-mt_2%3a3.0.5-4_i386.deb) ...

*happens only on a misconfigurated systems (like the mine ;) but apt should 
not act like this.

apt should "see" that the versions are the same :/

BTW: Change the bug-state to wishlist ;)

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