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Re: Bug#156388: apt shouldn't fail when only one of a list of sources fails to be reachable

That really doesn't do much good, as apt will still return false in that
case.  The behavior that the bug was about wasn't the download completing,
it was about the fact that apt returns false.

On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, John Galt wrote:
> > When using apt with a [relatively] large sources.list and a command like
> > apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, a single source failure fails the whole
> > cascade.  There should be a "non-fatal" flag for sources.list signifying
> > that the particular source isn't necessary to the continued health of the
> > job.  This problem gets exacerbated by automated jobs such as cron-apt and
> > flaky sources.
> If you look closely you should see it only fails to download the sources
> that are actually failing, all others are still downloaded and processed
> as normal.
> Jason

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