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Bug#147630: apt Recommends are self-righteous :)

Package: apt
Version: 0.5.4
Severity: wishlist

Current Debian package tends to be provided as multiple packages.
With many languages and -dev etc provided, it is pain to find all needed

This is making painful to sort all packages in my i486.  Moreover people
will be annoyed seeing many localization packages which has no

These shall be 2 things needed.
 1) Filtering out unneeded section of Packages list during apt-get update.
 2) Effectively bunch-up several packages into groups (usually by source
    package) during apt-get install

In order to implement this, I propose following STANZA in the control file:

Attribute:  ....

Basically this should contain information such as
doc dev bin script module lib (For type of package.)
en fr jp pt pt_BR cjkv    (For localization and documentation language)
console x gtk gnome kde   (For types of application)
8-clean UTF-8 locale-aware (For editors)

(This is just a thought, more detailed listing may be needed)

If apt-get can pull -dev packages automatically by setting configuration
to "dev", it will be great for development system.

If apt-get can install without documentation package by setting
configuration to "nodoc", it will be great for small system.

Current practice of Recommend, Suggests are self-righteous because it is
fixed by the package developer and sysadmin's taste is not considered.
I am looking for Recommend based on a policy set by sysadmin.

Debian motto, as I understand, is "Power to the sysadmin" :)

PS: This shall make future package selection program to list by source
package name.

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 Osamu Aoki @ Cupertino CA USA

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