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Bug#129629: Not really distributing sources

    I wonder exactly which default contents you're referring to? It is true
    that the sources.list shipped with apt has the sources commented out.
    However, on all new Debian installs, this sources.list is replaced with
    a more handcrafted one, generated by the apt-setup program in the
    base-config package. apt-setup automatically enables deb-src lines to go
    with each deb line it adds to the sources.list file, when it can

Perhaps something strange was done in the installation on my machine,
because that did not happen--the only deb-src lines were commented

I did not do the install myself, and it was a year ago, so there is
not much chance of finding out now what went wrong then.  As long this
method generally works right when people do it today, I guess nothing
needs to be done.


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