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NMU of gnome-apt

Hello people,

I'd like to NMU gnome-apt to:

  * src/childprocess.cc: set the background of the zvt terminal
    to black and the foreground font to white, also set the
    background of the GTK_WIDGET(term_)->window to black
    (Closes: #50273, #55151, #50533)
  * Well, gnome-apt is compilable for some time now. (Closes: #50557)

I'm also checking:

36253, 39052, 42569 and 69820

but those won't need an upload, probably, the last one will
probably, but I'll want to check it throughouly and an
upload will have to wait some time.

Also, I'm wondering if I could adopt gnome-apt... I think it is
a good program and although my c++ skill is below my c skill, wich
is quite low also, I have a growing interest in gtk and am trying
to improve my c/c++ skills... I won't be developing it further 'till
I know what I'm doing, though... but I'd like to take care of the
package, the number of bugs 'fixed by NMU' will probably grow and grow...
I'd like to do some cleaning, is it ok?



    Gustavo Noronha Silva - kov <http://www.metainfo.org/kov>
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