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Bug#116011: apt: silently eats one real when asked to install two pkgs providing the same virtual

Package: apt
Version: 0.5.4

apt appears to silenlty eat one real package when asked to install two
packages which provide the same virtual, e.g.

| plato:/# apt-get install xlibmesa-dev mesag-dev
| Reading Package Lists...
| Building Dependency Tree...
| The following extra packages will be installed:
|   libfreetype6 mesag3 xfree86-common xlibs xlibs-dev 
| The following NEW packages will be installed:
|   libfreetype6 mesag-dev mesag3 xfree86-common xlibs xlibs-dev 
| 0 packages upgraded, 6 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0  not upgraded.
| Need to get 6103kB of archives. After unpacking 22.1MB will be used.
| Do you want to continue? [Y/n] 

I think at the very least it should notify you that it's not actually
going to install xlibmesa-dev, no?  Arguably it should go further and
actually refuse to try and do something it can't.


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