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Re: Patches for various crashers

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Christoph Pfisterer wrote:

> >I think some of them I already found for 0.5.4, at least the tag file ones
> >sound familiar..
> No, all of the problems are still there. I'll send a patch against 
> CVS HEAD when I have one.

Oh? Hm.
> Unfortunately, Darwin is not a very friendly place to live in. I had 
> to do some "bad hacks" to compensate for breakage in the C library 
> and the C++ runtime. Since Darwin doesn't use ELF and apt doesn't use 

Not using ELF? That's almost unforgivable :P

I dislike libtool intensely, but it should be possible to make it used
conditionally fairly easially. Then again, if all it takes is a few lines
in environment.mak then there probably is no point.

> library. I'll try to come up with a patch for that last one; 
> referencing debSystem alone is not enough.

Do C++ global ctors work at all on darwin? If it's not using ELF it is
difficult to say how the ctor mechanism works, which might explain why
that trick doesn't do it for you.


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