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Re: splitting /var/lib/dpkg/status and handling desc translation (was: ddts notification)

On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 01:41:35PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Michael Bramer wrote:
> > Please can we make a brainstorming with the apt, dpkg and translator
> > developer? 
> As I already said, not now besides from what we've just being doing.
> I have to admit that the fact that this discussion keeps repeating
> itself and people don't seem to accept what we (dpkg people) tell them
> makes me rapidly loose interest in continueing it.
> As I also said, at this moment we simply can't implement it anyway
> due to missing infrastructure. We'll get there, but it just might take
> a bit longer then you would like. That's life.

Ok, Now I understand it, Thanks

> > We should find a technical solution of this technical problem. Maybe
> > we can trashing gettext, but we need a solution. And IMHO we don't
> > need this solution in some years, we need it in some months. 
> You can't get it in months for two simple reasons:
> * dpkg internals aren't ready
> * you can't do it during a freeze anyway
> I suggest that you focus on fixing the translation infrastructure first
> while us dpkg people focus on dpkg. Right now I'm still being spammed
> with ddts emails which I have to procmail to /dev/null, and I also
> saw that you still need to integrate two different translation systems.
> Sounds like there is enough to be done.

1.) notification mails
    This is already fixed.

    Verybody can stop the server to send this mails. And I send a
    command to the server and it will not send notifications on this
      base-passwd, doc-central, dpkg, dpkg-dev, dpkg-doc,
      exuberant-ctags, fdflush ipmi-control, kernel-patch-ipmi-kcs,
      ksymoops, ldap-gateways ldap-utils, libldap2, libldap2-dev,
      lsb-release, modutils slapd, strace, tftp-hpa, tftpd-hpa,
      varmon, vim, vim-gtk vim-perl vim-python, vim-rt, vim-tcl,

    I hope I miss no of your package. If you have problemes, please
    mail me. Thanks and sorry.

2.) Yes, we translator have a lot of work. 

    But this two or three translation systems, are not the real
    problem. We have already a beta web interface but we need cgi's
    and CVS on a debian machine. We now waiting for debian-admin. 

Finally I will wait now for a real solution and maybe I make some
hacks to test and use this translations in the meantime. 

But please do me a favour: 
  Before the dpkg people start with codeing, please make a proposal
  and discuss this proposal in the mailings lists.


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