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RFC: further integration of building into apt


I'd like to further integrate package building and build-dependancy
resolution into apt and also add local archive creation.  My goal is
to enable apt to create a local set of binary packages
(/var/archive/debian/dists/local/) given a deb-src line.  

This will help out in the following situations:

 - User wants to run pentium optimized binaries on their system.
   Every 6 months someone wants to create a pentium optimized set of
   .deb for Debian.  I don't think it will ever make sense to bloat
   Debian's archive with that, but this system would allow someone who
   needs the performance increase to more easily get what they want.

 - User wants to run software from unstable/testing on a stable
   system, mozilla for example. This system would build/install the
   necessary build-depends (recursively if necessary) and then
   build/install mozilla itself.

 - User is developing for an embedded system.  The idea is to
   cross-compile debian-source packages (perhaps out of a local cvs
   repository containing patched versions) and create an archive 
   with little fuss.  They can then create a root filesystem based 
   on the .debs in their local archive.

 - The Debian install build system (boot-floppies and/or
   debian-installer) can use this method to pull sources off the
   Debian mirrors and compile them locally with specific options.

One concern is that with this system packages are no longer built in a
controlled environment; this may reduce stability.  I'm not too
concerned about this, people who want rock solid stability should
still stick with stable using binaries off the mirrors.  This system
simply makes life easier for those who want to bulid their own.

Is this a good idea?  Is there something I am missing that will be a
show-stopper? Is this already done and I missed it (buildd's sort of, I
know)? Would well written patches be accepted? 



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