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Re: Bug#109784: apt.conf.d should contain alphanumeric filename without '_' and '-'

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 11:47:11PM +0200, Kestutis Kupciunas wrote:

> i ave checked the source of apt-0.5.4, regarding reading
> apt.conf.d directory, and it does not allow characters '_' and '-' 
> to be present in filename.
> See:
> apt-pkg/contrib/configuration.cc line 710
> Hence, to make apt-listchanges work, one should rename
> 20-apt-listchanges.conf to 20listchanges.conf or similar (but obeying
> the rules described above).

This is gratuitous breakage of a perfectly valid configuration.  The program is
named apt-listchanges, and it should be legal to use that name in the filename.

I'm out of town, but will be returning tomorrow, at which time I'll sort this
mess out.

 - mdz

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