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downloading downgraded packages


I've read that apt 0.5.x has the ability to downgrade packages. However,
I could only find some information about the algorithm it uses, and I
would like to know if there is a command line option for apt-get to
download eg debconf even if I have 0.5.35 installed.

I think it would be nice if apt-get could have the same functionality as
fetch (the binary in apt-move 4.x): if you give fetch a list of packages
(on the commandline), it will just download them, without looking if the
version installed on the system is newer, and without looking if all
dependencies are satisfied. (I've submitted a patch for a
--download-without-deps option on Feb 12, which should accomplish the
latter one (the feature is on apt buglist under whislist item 82738).)
If apt-get could have the same functionality as fetch, then apt-move and
my own mirror script would be binary-all again.

PS: I am not at deity@l.d.o; please cc your answer to deity-digest@l.d.o
or cc to me directly.

Admar Schoonen                            E-mail: admar@luon.net
Student Electrotechnology at Eindhoven, University of Technology

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